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How would you respond to these environmental questions?

Environmental Forum readers, you may have seen our Sept. 13 announcement about being included in Carbon Disclosure Projects’s (CDP) Carbon Performance Leadership Index. The index recognizes companies for excellence in carbon disclosure reporting as well as greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions…

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Rio Grande Community Farm summer camp

Readers, we’re excited to welcome Julie Hirshfield, the Education Director of the Rio Grande Community Farm (RGCF), to the Environmental Forum! Julie’s passion for sustainable agriculture and local food stems from time she’s spent on small farms and gardens in…

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The Wells Fargo Community: invaluable, informative, and “green”

Have you heard about the Wells Fargo Community? It’s a great online forum that brings students, parents, college counselors, and financial advisors together so they can share their knowledge, advice, and experiences. It doesn’t matter what point you’re at in…

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