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The Old Campground

Saturday was a fine day to get out and enjoy the nice weather and the beautiful Presidio, and to learn about what life was like in the refugee camps after the earthquake and fire. It was a really cool event… Continue reading

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Dollars And Sense

You have gallons of water to drown your kidneys, cases of tuna fish to feed every stray cat in the block, and enough Band-Aids to rival a trauma center’s stash. But is your wallet ready to cover losses after… Continue reading

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Remember & Prepare Podcast

In San Francisco Is In Ashes #8, the last episode in this series, we remember the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake  and provide some concrete advice for preparedness today. The Loma Prieta quake resonates personally with many Bay area residents. It… Continue reading

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Fight fire with…Paint?

When you think preparedness, do you think paint?  Having grown up in fire-prone Southern California, I’ve certainly been warned about the dangers of wooden shingles, but hadn’t thought much about the paint. The paint you choose may have an impact… Continue reading

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Special People

I was Skype -chatting about the quake with my friend Norma , a wheelchair-bound disabled rights activist, when I asked, “How would YOU prepare for a disaster?” She gave me—Miz Insensitivity—one big DOH! So, after enduring her scorn, I looked up FEMA’s… Continue reading

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Quake Cartoons Rawk!

As reported in a previous post, the refugees left homeless by the 1906 quake used humor to ease stress and bring back a sense of normalcy. Quake-related humor has a home in San Francisco at the Cartoon Art Museum . Yes,… Continue reading

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Kiddie Kwake

Earthquakes can be scary stuff, so how do you teach kids about them without sending them to therapy? How about a game called Earthquake Joe  from Seattle’s Project Impact ? Try to find a safe place in the room for Joe… Continue reading

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Through A Child’s Eyes, Part 2

(This is the second installment of the childhood account of “guest blogger” J.J. Conlon. In 1982, J.J. Conlon, whose career at Wells Fargo spanned 46 1/2 years, wrote his recollection of the 1906 earthquake. He seven years old when… Continue reading

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This Number May Save Your Life

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Look Before You Buy

On the opening day of the 1906 Earthquake Conference, I attended a tutorial entitled Earthquake Safety of Houses and Apartments: What Owners and Renters Need to Know. It was conducted by Andy Thompson of Arup , a global structural design and… Continue reading

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