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Beat The Heat—Not Again!

As the heat wave returns  to punish regions, there are several attendent issues to consider. The first is easy: what are you doing to keep your cool out there? Email or comment, and share your know-how with everybody. Second,… Continue reading


Flooding In Lake County, Ohio

A flood in Ohio has forced evacuations , the Associated Press reports. Lake County  is about 20 miles east of Cleveland. I have relatives in the area, and they report two feet of flooding in the basement. Fortunately, they do… Continue reading

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Bearing Emergencies With Intelligence (And A Flashlight)

Another reason—a very strong reason—you have to be prepared . According to USA TODAY, your community is not ready for disaster, so you have to look out for yourself. Make sure you know your area and your neighborhood, what can… Continue reading

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National Heat Wave Saps Power

Headlines  reflect how widespread  the heat wave is. It has been tormenting us for weeks now, and it’s not just North America: It’s hot all over . This kind of heat pushes several attending dangers. Most obvious is the threat… Continue reading

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Horse Fire, San Diego County

Allan Peterson has gone out again to the fire line in Southern California to give a first-hand account. Double kudos for his toughness, because it’s really hot out there. (CR) After observing the effect the Sawtooth Fire had on… Continue reading


Power Outages in Midwest, NYC

Reuters has a story  about the problems with power outages—Blackouts . There are power outages occurring in many places as the heat wave bakes America, notably in Detroit and Cleveland , and in Queens, New York . Only three days ago, the… Continue reading

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Wildfires + Rain = Mudslides

Fire crews got the Sawtooth and San Bernardino  fires under control  (check out the intensely cool maps). Crews were helped by rain, but after the fires there’s too little vegetation to accept the water—meaning the prospect of mudslides . I… Continue reading


U.S. Becomes Blast Furnace

We’re having a heat wave . You look at a map and the temperatures are high all over . There are a number of things you have to do to stay out of danger. The Red Cross  has tips and FEMA … Continue reading

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Another Indonesia Tsunami

As if the disaster of Christmas 2004 wasn’t enough, another tsunami hit Indonesia . The wave slammed Java after a 7.7 earthquake (or 7.2—reports differ) rumbled south of the island this morning . The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center  has all the… Continue reading

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California Wildfire—More…

Debbie, Wells Fargo’s store manager in Banning, just called back. Good news / bad news. Because the customer in Pioneertown (northeast of Banning) had cleared brush around his house, it didn’t burn. He had no time to evacuate and… Continue reading

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