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CIMSS = Awe2

The National Hurricane Center  has declared a “Hurricane Watch”  (scroll down page) for the Carolinas as Ernesto gains momentum. Then, about 6,500 nautical miles west, Hurricane John  continues its assault on Mexico’s Pacific coast. The Cooperative Institute for Meteorological… Continue reading

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The Unthinkable Mommy Down

My parents and two of my mom’s sisters are enjoying a trip to England  right now. The four of them go on a trip about every four years, the last time to Italy. What’s different is that right up… Continue reading

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And Now, Another Katrina Anniversary Story

One year after Katrina  overtook the Gulf coast region and submerged New Orleans, media are rabid to do Anniversary pieces. (Guided By History was first with the story last week. Ahem.) As everyone seeks the high road, the upshot… Continue reading


Prepare For Random Weekend Thoughts

Severe weather hit southwestern Minnesota  yesterday—hail, winds and tornadoes . My colleagues in the Wells Fargo History Museum in Minneapolis report that the damage was outside the metro area, and no one they know was affected. Good news. Above the… Continue reading

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The Hero That Is New Orleans

Tropical Storm Debby  is gaining strength out there in the Atlantic. News and weather agencies are watching it, as they tend to do.  is on it as well, with links to evacuation and preparedness right there with storm… Continue reading

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Community Support (Inc.)

Thunderstorms  are predicted for Hatch, New Mexico , as last week’s floods are abating. The community pulled together  in an impressive way, pouncing on cleanup duties. Our own Wells Fargo people did their part as well. Patrick from Albuquerque reports:… Continue reading

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“Go South, Young Man!”

Is New Orleans becoming a frontier? Reuters has a story today  about regular folks moving to New Orleans to help the city rebuild. But it’s not just Good Samaritans. They are entrepreneurs, people with a sense of adventure, and… Continue reading


Late Breaking News: Katrina Water, Not Wind

Nationwide Insurance won a federal court case yesterday  that frees the industry from paying certain claims against damage by Hurricane Katrina last year. The gist of the ruling(PDF) is that the damages were from flooding, and the plaintiffs did… Continue reading

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“My Vacation In The Queue”

How have you spent your summer vacation? We want your stories—post ’em here. After last week’s heroic terror nab  by British authorities, everybody was on high alert, particularly at airports. Only four days later, British authorities have scaled back… Continue reading

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Departments Of Environmental Security

The U.S. Coast Guard  is conducting an exercise in San Francisco Bay, testing responses to potential oil spills . A couple years ago, an oil pipeline leaked  thousands of gallons into Suisun Bay , which joins San Francisco Bay. Before the… Continue reading

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