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Tips for Travelers, 1860s Style

Today I have received half a dozen calls asking about stagecoaches. Now, I will post the answers for the whole world. And refer the next series of questions to Guided By History—the name lives! In 1852, Henry Wells and William… Continue reading


McCook County’s Good Neighbors

For me, tornadoes have a certain romanticism. I’m not sure if this stems from watching “The Wizard of Oz”  too many times or from my childhood, when the South Dakota storm sirens would blare and my mother would sweep… Continue reading

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Laptop Flambé

Toshiba announced today they are recalling laptop batteries made by Sony . This follows the high-profile recall last month  of Sony batteries by Apple  Computer and Dell , after the batteries were found to overheat and actually catch fire . Last winter,… Continue reading

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How Do You Prepare For Drought?

All across the Heartland, a lack of rain is tormenting this year’s crops . Does your state have a drought plan? Let’s play citizen journalist here: If you find your state’s plans, let us know! Drought is a tough situation and… Continue reading

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Live Longer—Flex That Preparedness!

How about this? A study by the Harvard School of Public Health  has determined that life expectancy is not about health care. It is about lifestyle, economics and class, though. The article reports that variation in life expectancy depends… Continue reading

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The Trouble With Celebrities

In May 1953, the late Liberace  appeared on a local television show in Denver to promote his concert in the area. At that time, Liberace was a huge star who had sold over 2 million records. His appearance generated enthusiasm… Continue reading

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Today is the anniversary of the attacks of 2001. Here is rememberance of all those normal, everyday people who died. … Continue reading

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Prepared, Organically

Here’s great news: Rates of cancer as a disease and as a killer are decreasing . One of the authors of the study attributes the decrease to reduced exposure to tobacco, earlier detection and better treatment. Which tells us that… Continue reading

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Preparedness As Corporate Citizenship

Chris Terzich of Wells Fargo’s Business Continuity Planning works vigorously on internal preparedness. He’s a busy guy—how can you ensure the safety of team members and customers while supporting continuity of business? Terzich’s approach is simple and effective, built… Continue reading

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High Profile Hurricanes Spur Preparedness Communities

Hurricane experts have lowered expectations  for the remainder of this year’s season in the Atlantic. Hurricane John , on the other hand, has been upgraded to Category 3 and looms over western Mexico. The upshot is it’s hurricane season—some are… Continue reading

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