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Preparing For Crime: Random Thoughts And Baseball

According to a new report  on America’s cities, St. Louis and Detroit top the list as least safest in the nation. You will recall these two cities fielded baseball teams last week in the World Series . Both cities enjoyed… Continue reading


Adopt A Homeless Pet From New Orleans Today!

Wednesday afternoon, Wells Fargo’s 40-foot semi-trailer from the Cartwright Ranch in Benbrook, Texas, arrived at Monster Park  in San Francisco. Normally, the truck arrives with the Wells Fargo stagecoach and horses on board, for an appearance at a community… Continue reading


Mike Chimes In

From Temperence, MI, Mike writes about yesterday’s post: “Charles, That’s is tough one and one that can’t be compartmentalized in a case or backpack. “What about setting up a blockwatch program? Ensuring all neighbors’ outside lamps/lights are on? Would… Continue reading

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How Do You Prepare For Crime?

I could use a little help. My neighborhood is being infiltrated by criminals, and I honestly don’t know how to “prepare” for crime. My son works at night and came home last night around midnight. He observed punks going… Continue reading


Go Fish!

GBH has been lecturing you (here, another one here, and another here) on the importance of a healthy diet as the foundation for preparedness. Good nutrition builds healthy individuals, who are stronger and make better decisions. From there, the… Continue reading

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Hawai’i: Ola’i 6.7

Were you there? There was a 6.7 earthquake in Hawai’i over the weekend . The media were abuzz with the story. The focus was not just the damage or the unnerved residents, but also on the threat of tsunamis . Nevertheless,… Continue reading

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Walking Tall, Away From Disaster

USA Today reports  that a large number of American cities have gotten an “F” grade for their evacuation plans. Meaning, there is no plan—or the one these cities have is, well, dumb. So your area has little or no… Continue reading

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Honoring Good Ideas

Today we celebrate the strength of ideas  and offer our own award nominations for Preparedness on a Personal Scale: To “Food That Keeps,”  for getting us away from those yucky C-rations . Domes International, Inc.  shelters assure cell phones will work… Continue reading

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The Salvation Army, Helping Communities Rebuild

In the hurricane that devastated Galveston, Texas, in 1900 , at least 6,000 people perished and most of the city’s buildings were obliterated. America had become an industrial power in that era, and the technology of the time—telegraph, newspapers, telephone… Continue reading

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Fast Times Challenge Families, Communities

USA Today has several articles that offer some insight into the fast-changing nature of communities. The quick pace of modern life puts stresses on people’s abilities to cope with everyday stuff, let alone preparation for a variety of unforeseen… Continue reading

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