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You can’t make this stuff up

Funny thing happened on the way to Grass Valley, Calif., in ’73 … A reporter in 1889 wanted to get some good tales of justice from Wells Fargo lawman James Hume. Hume recounted a beauty. The stagecoach was on its… Continue reading


United States of Aretha

Over the weekend, I happened to watch a salute to Aretha Franklin, presented by the United Negro College Fund. It was the typical all-star bash with music, dignitaries, testimonials and all that. Throughout, The Queen of Soul herself sat in… Continue reading

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Louisville Is Cool

USA Today tells us about the 100 best communities for young people. Kalamazoo, Mich., gives scholarships to every high school graduate (jeepers!). Louisville, Ky., is also on the list. Then there’s a story about how cities are worried that crime… Continue reading


Allensworth Challenged

Allensworth, Calif., is in trouble. A state historical site, Allensworth could soon be surrounded by a large dairy operation—and the miscellaneous discomforts that go with it. Allensworth is one of several towns founded in the West by African-American migrants… Continue reading


The Pony Express (Part 2)

Read Part 1 The Pony Express was a mammoth undertaking, with more than 100 stations and 400 horses and between 80 and 100 riders. The route between Missouri and California took an average of 10 days to cross except during… Continue reading


The Pony Express (Part 1)

In a little while all interest was taken up in stretching our necks and watching for the “pony-rider”—the fleet messenger who sped across the continent from St. Joe to Sacramento. … Presently the [stagecoach] driver exclaims: “HERE HE COMES!”… Continue reading


Wells Fargo At The Paris Hilton

In the Archives, a menu from Paris. The Paris Hilton. Many Europeans have a strong appetite for things American West. Americans traveling abroad  have an appetite for things American. These two truths fit together beautifully in this 1966 gem. Bon… Continue reading


1895—Science Nabs Bad Guys

These days, modern banking and technology is pretty good at nailing crooks. Basically, electronics allows a certain “ID” on transactions that are hard to fake or alter. There’s a long history of bad guys trying to insert their evil ways… Continue reading


Happy/Rotten New Year!

Good year  in 2007? Or bad year ? Looks like the same AP  and AOL News  poll of 1,000 people. Why the two different stories? Please let me know what your take is on this. And don’t forget to share… Continue reading


Banking On Technology: The Drive-Thru

Not that long ago, you actually had to go into a bank branch to do all of your banking business. This is hard to remember in today’s technologically savvy environment. Now you can transfer funds via telephone, you can… Continue reading