Monthly Archives: February 2007

Fame Of The Oscars

Last night, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences presented their 79th annual awards for achievement. These are the Oscars. Well, I got to thinking. (This is my job—I’m an historian, and I blog. Neither are nothin’ if you… Continue reading



Minnesotans, like most Midwesterners, love to talk about the weather. What else do you say to someone while standing in line at the post office? In Minnesota, we made it an institution when Northwestern National Bank installed the 157-foot-tall Weatherball… Continue reading


Cereal City, We Hardly Knew Ye

Cereal City has closed. The Kellogg Company used to have tours in its plant in Battle Creek, Mich., until 1996. Two years later, the company opened Cereal City USA, an interactive museum experience and store. The visitor numbers never reached… Continue reading


Opening Doors

Customers are the name of the game and listening to customers is the best way to get to know what they are thinking. 200,000 people walk into our Wells Fargo History museum in the Old Town San Diego California State… Continue reading


Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day, we at Wells Fargo look to our heartthrob—or annual bad pun—John J. Valentine (1840-1901). In 1862, Valentine left Bowling Green, Ky., for far-distant California. Certainly no Civil War draft officer would find him high in the Sierra… Continue reading


New San Francisco Exhibit—“Officers in Pursuit”

On Monday, Feb. 12, the Wells Fargo History Museum in San Francisco is unveiling a new special exhibit: Wells Fargo Crime Scene Investigation: "Officers in Pursuit" Protecting the assets of Wells Fargo and its customers has been an important part… Continue reading


Electoral College Dropout?

Why do people hate the Electoral College? You know, that anonymous group that actually selects the President, based on the popular vote count of The People. There are a number of organizations that exist to, um … change the way… Continue reading


Wells Fargo, Yvonne De Carlo

In 1948, Yvonne De Carlo starred in a silly western film, “Black Bart.” The movie co-starred Dan Duryea, Jeffrey Lynn and Percy Kilbride. The plot of this film involves Charles Boles, alias “Black Bart,” going through a Robin Hood outlaw… Continue reading


Indianapolis: My Kind of Town

With the Colts’ win over the Bears in Super Bowl XLI (pronounced, “41”—you figure it out!), it’s just like old times in The Circle City. All of us at my party—yours too, I’m sure—harkened back to the building of the… Continue reading