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¡Buén Día de César Chávez!

In English En muchas comunidades , el día de hoy conmemora a César Chávez , un hombre que fue líder de un movimiento histórico por los derechos civiles, laborales y humanos. Chávez trabajó duro para lograr un trato justo para los trabajadores… Continue reading

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We Celebrate César Chávez Day

En Español In communities around the country , today is set aside to honor César Chávez , a man who led a historic movement for civil rights, labor rights and human rights. Chávez worked hard to get a square deal for farm… Continue reading

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So here’s the story: San Francisco’s Crocker National Bank merged with First National in 1925 and moved the operations to First National’s offices across the street. Big deal, right? No. The move, though, was what you’d expect for the times—a… Continue reading


What Mrs. Fisher—And YOU—Know

In March of 1881, Abbey Fisher hoped to distribute her award-winning cookbook for sale across the land. Who knows, to get her “Celebrated Jellies, Preserves, Pickles & Sauces” to customers around the West, Mrs. Fisher could have used Wells Fargo… Continue reading


A Garden At The Top Of The World

Atop Wells Fargo’s world HQ in San Francisco is a Japanese garden. The garden has won some awards and is a standard feature in Japanese garden and Japanese culture media. A Japanese garden is an art form that has a… Continue reading


Kyle Petty

I got my monthly dose of Road and Track magazine the other day. I have been a car nut for as long as I can remember, and while in these days of worry about carbon emissions it might not be… Continue reading


A Life Outside the Office

More on Bronson Quaites. Because I said so, that’s why. You’ll recall I profiled Miss Quaites last week. I tried to emphasize her great ability and her importance to the business, in an era when women were kept in lesser… Continue reading

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Slavery in Gold Rush California

Wells Fargo is sponsoring an exhibit from January 24 to April 30 on “Slavery in New York City” at the Museum of the African Diaspora (MoAD) in San Francisco. The exhibit displays freedom papers from the Solano County and Santa… Continue reading

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A Year of History

A year ago today, Guided By History appeared in the Blogosphere. The idea was a simple one: put Wells Fargo’s outstanding heritage and collection in the conversation swirling around out there. We figured people would dig it. And we thought… Continue reading


B.F. Hastings Building in Sacramento

In Sacramento, savvy visitors and history buffs will know about the B.F. Hastings building at the corner of 2nd and J Streets. But to the majority of people that visit the area, the B.F. Hastings building is just another big… Continue reading