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One Day Blog Silence

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Art, The Presidency And A Stagecoach

Just read that President Bush has some Western art in the Oval Office . One of the paintings is by W.H.D. Koerner . In the Archives at Wells Fargo, we have a Koerner —well, sorta. Once upon a time, someone got hold of… Continue reading


Cuisine en Stick

Spring has finally arrived, and summer is just around the corner. Goodbye mukluks . Helloooo flip-flops ! There are many wonderful things about the great annual thaw—songbirds outside your window; walking through the grass in your bare feet; boat rides at the… Continue reading


In Support Of Ecology Groups

From the Wells Fargo’s Archives, a check brochure from 1972: If you’re concerned about our environment, you know there are many ecology organizations who need and deserve support. It was this kind of concern that prompted what we call our… Continue reading

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Going Solar

In 1979, Wells Fargo opened its first solar-powered branch in Culver City, Calif.  The novel project underscored the company’s expanding involvement in solar energy. At the time, solar air conditioning  systems were unique—and way more expensive than solar heating  systems…. Continue reading

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The Bank And Mr. Muir

My posts on Wells Fargo and the environment continue … Wells Fargo’s response to environmental affairs began in 1970 , the year Earth Day was officially begun. Yet Wells Fargo had been involved with helping the environment and environmental agencies for… Continue reading

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Recycling Since (At Least) 1886

Colleague Keri is correct on Wells Fargo’s paper-saving efforts. The bank has been recycling for more than a century. In 1886, for instance, Wells Fargo sold its accumulated waybills, prior to January 1, 1885, for old paper. The rag content… Continue reading

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Bagasse Checks

Wells Fargo was one of the first banks in the industry to offer checks printed on recycled paper. A green stagecoach, signifying Wells Fargo’s ecological efforts, appeared on the cover of the Wells Fargo Banker in 1972. On February 1… Continue reading

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My Grandpa Drove The Stagecoach

Got a note on the ol’ comments page this morning, the reply to which (Good English, Chuck!) I want to share with all of you. It has to do with genealogy  and how Wells Fargo’s history is not, I’m afraid,… Continue reading


Countdown To Earth Day …

Working in the Archives at Wells Fargo, I have discovered many instances in which Wells Fargo has supported environmental affairs throughout its 155-year history. This is the first of several blog contributions to share information about two of my favorite… Continue reading

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