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The Taft-Hartley Act

In 1947, President Harry S. Truman  vetoed legislation sent him by Congress. The bill, known as the Taft-Hartley Act , re-organized the relationship between labor and government that had been established in 1935. Congress overrode Truman’s veto, and Taft-Hartley became law…. Continue reading

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PONG. No, Really

I know you kids will find this hard to believe, but PONG® was once the only game in town. You know, back in the Jurassic Age  when mom was growing up. This first wildly popular video game of the early… Continue reading

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Wells Fargo Sponsors Diversity (And Jazz!)

Old Sacramento  comes alive at the end of May. Aside from the droves of fourth graders on their end-of-the-school-year field trips, there are two huge festivals that bring a variety of people into Old Town. The recent Pacific Rim Street… Continue reading

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‘White Night’ Riot

On May 21, 1979 , San Franciscans marched to City Hall to protest the conviction of former Supervisor Dan White. White was found guilty of manslaughter for the assassinations of Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk  the previous November. White’s… Continue reading


The Dog Has His Day

From the moment the first wolf  left its pack and joined his human family some 15,000 years ago, canines have been a valuable part of the human experience. They have been protectors, workers and loyal companions. Unfortunately, humans have not… Continue reading

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Wells Fargo And Chinese Business In California

In 19th century California , Chinese people comprised about 10 percent of the population . Most worked in the mines, on the railroads, and at agriculture: A few were merchants. While they were all too often subject to prejudice and persecution, Chinese… Continue reading


Wells Fargo And Japan

In 1858, shortly after Japan and the West began commerce, a Japanese man called Thoro, employed by Wells, Fargo & Co. aided a disabled Japanese ship in San Francisco. Japanese sailors were surprised to hear their language so far from… Continue reading

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The Day Shopping Changed

Cash? What’s Cash? About this time 40 years ago, Wells Fargo was ready to proceed with its Master Charge  program. By summer, 2 1/2 million cards went out to “credit sound” customers in California. It was a challenge. It required… Continue reading


Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month . Wells Fargo is big on diversity—it’s a prime component of the company’s mission and goals. So we celebrate all the heritage months on the calendar. We historians are busy providing stories and images… Continue reading


While She’s Still Here …

The gleam of diamonds from Queen Elizabeth II’s  tiara has wowed all of Washington with Her Majesty’s royal presence. On one of the reigning monarch’s previous visits to North America  (as Princess Elizabeth in 1951), the future Queen Elizabeth II… Continue reading