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Service To The Stars

Wells Fargo’s role in the history of the West  was a heroic story—frontier, stagecoaching over lonely roads, bandits. The lore fit easily into Hollywood  storytelling. Wells Fargo not only starred in Hollywood films, it helped ensure the popularity of motion… Continue reading


More Goods From The Archives

This morning I find a plaque on my desk with a note, “Blog?” That’s an easy question, because the answer is always “Yes”—if it exists, it’s as good as blogged about. Which is both existential philosophy  and grammaticide . Whatever. Anyway,… Continue reading

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Wells Fargo Never Forgets

You remember the posts about James B. Hume, Wells Fargo’s chief detective, who tracked down the bad guys and brought them to justice. There’s a very real, human side to the story of law enforcement in these times, which is… Continue reading

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Proof Of History’s Importance

Sometimes I get questions: “Why does history matter?” “What does history mean for me, besides hard tests and cranky teachers?” The best is, “Like, does this matter in, like, everyday life OMG!?” History shows  that the present is just a… Continue reading


Pony Express Rides Again!

Old Sacramento  will be bustling with excitement tomorrow. The Pony Express Re-ride  is scheduled to arrive at 11:30 a.m. After a 10-day journey from St. Joseph, Mo. , the final rider will bring mail to the corner of Second and J… Continue reading

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Poor Disco …

The other day I was listening to a CD in the car. It was the Bee Gees  and other disco from the late ’70s and early ’80s. Even though I should have been dancing, the songs told me, I had… Continue reading


Hooray for History Day!

Did you feel the excitement in the air this week? No? Well, this wasn’t broadcast live on television.  It wasn’t made into a musical.  The winners probably won’t throw the first pitch  at a major league baseball game. But, for… Continue reading


Flag Day

June 14th is Flag Day. It also happens to be the 49th anniversary of Wells Fargo’s stagecoach appearance program. Around here if somebody asks me what I do for a living, I will often reply “I guard a Stagecoach for… Continue reading

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Wells Fargo and the Rose Festival Parade

Portland, Ore.celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Rose Festival   this past weekend. The idea of a Rose Festival or “carnival,” as it was initially called, came from the Chamber of Commerce.  Later records reveal the extent to which the… Continue reading


756: The Number Of The Best

Baseball season is about one-third gone in 2007. Barry Bonds  is about 10 homers away from setting the all-time home run record . It’s controversial—baseball is pretending Bonds isn’t really nearing a milestone, and it’s all because of the book “Game… Continue reading