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Logrolling In Our Time

Once upon the ’90s, SPY magazine  had a section called “Logrolling in Our Time”  that described how authors would hail each other’s works in turn. The upshot was a certain lack of objectivity. Well, Logrolling is an art, I guess,… Continue reading

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“Holy macaroni, I am tired!”

Social history  is all about detailing the experiences of ordinary people. Bob Chandler shares some letters from from his personal collection, and some he found in the Archives, of Wells Fargo’s working people. They describe their day at work, and… Continue reading


Long Hours, But A Nice Depot!

Long hours for Wells Fargoans are not new, nor are part-time jobs that suddenly develop into full-time. Letters from the Archives, and some in Bob Chandler’s personal collection, present the hard-working life of people before our modern world. We all… Continue reading

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The Homecoming Of Silas St. John

History is never as neat and simple as you would like it to be. Right now, sitting in my office, I have the grave site marker of Silas St. John . How it got to be in my office and how… Continue reading


A Day’s Work

In Wells Fargo’s Archives, not every document is “Minutes of the Board of Directors” meeting from 1904. Exciting as that always is, there are many other documents—Gold Rush-era transactions, letters between local agents and the Head Office … Many documents… Continue reading

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Some Thoughts On The I-35W Collapse

I was born and raised in Wisconsin, spent winter vacations in Upper Michigan , and spent summer vacations camping around the country. My husband was raised in Indiana, where the ice storms  are legendary. We were both taught to have an… Continue reading


Bonds Wears Homer Crown

Well, I wrote it before and I’ll write it again—he’s the best. Now, he’s the King. Barry Bonds is the all-time home run leader in Major League Baseball. After the post last June, when I discussed the negative attitudes from… Continue reading


Neighborhood—Web And Local

Chris Terzich, with our Incident Management Team in Minnesota, noted my post from last October, “How Do You Prepare For Crime?” In it, I wrote: I could use a little help. My neighborhood is being infiltrated by criminals, and I… Continue reading


Geographic Reach Of Customer Service

In the 19th century, we are apt to think travel difficult, yet across the country and back never deterred Wells Fargo from aiding a customer. It happened like this: In February 1895, two Johnson boys borrowed $275 from Sarah W…. Continue reading


Minneapolis Tragedy

Yesterday evening, the I-35W bridge between Minneapolis and St. Paul collapsed during rush hour. Many died or suffered major injuries. At this point, the rescue operations are still going on, and it’s hard to know what the ultimate toll will… Continue reading

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