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Robbery is Bad

Yesterday, Pandiux wrote, “I have a question. Is there any stories in history of a Wells Fargo Stagecoach being robbed?” The answer is yes, there are several. I blogged about one here. But we at Wells Fargo don’t get all… Continue reading


Wells Fargo and Music

Wells Fargo has been musically inclined since the Gold Rush. In 1855, we advanced money for an Italian opera troupe. However they defaulted, so we seized their trunk of costumes and musical instruments as security. Actually, we are really kind… Continue reading


El Salvador Heritage

It’s sad to say, but sometimes I guess I have an inferiority complex. It’s not because I’m short (let’s just say my stature is Alice B. Toklas-esque ), but more because of the size of my native country, El Salvador. Don’t… Continue reading


Esteban Ochoa

Hispanic Heritage Month begins mañana. Keeping in the spirit of this important commemoration, I present another story from our illustrious Archives. Esteban Ochoa was a native of Sonora, Mexico , who immigrated to Arizona Territory  in the 1850s. A pioneer businessman… Continue reading


Remember the Maine?

On February 15, 1898, the battleship USS Maine  exploded in Havana harbor. Cuba was in the throes of a rebellion against its Spanish overlords, and the US was concerned about its safety, as Cuba is only 90-some miles from the… Continue reading

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A Change in Tenor

As if it wasn’t bad enough losing Frankie Laine  last winter… The great Luciano Pavarotti  died the other day. He’d been ill for a few years and hadn’t performed well in the years prior. But Pavarotti was a lovable guy… Continue reading

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Vallejo Heritage and Wells Fargo

September brings the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month , and I’ll probably write several posts about it. My reasons are simple: there’s lots to write about, and it’s a topic I like. So there. Latinos have been in America since it… Continue reading