Monthly Archives: November 2007

’82 Fire Sets Media Ablaze

Wells Fargo’s Minneapolis History Museum has a program this month commemorating the 1982 Thanksgiving Day Fire. The Fire and people’s memories are also featured on Wells Fargo’s History site. That blaze in downtown Minneapolis destroyed the Northwestern National bank headquarters,… Continue reading


It’s Thanksgiving, Everybody!

Check out this blurb from the January, 1915 Wells Fargo Messenger. Priceless. I wish one and all the best of Days, ever!… Continue reading


30 Coaches

On April 15, 1868 (a Wednesday if you’re keeping track), a crowd gathered at the Abbot-Downing factory  in Concord, New Hampshire. A special steam engine pulled in to lead fifteen flatcars and four boxcars. These cars were loaded with the… Continue reading


The Power of Wells Fargo

Time is falling back  and the sun is setting earlier on all of us. Old Sacramento  uses replica historic street lamps to light the town, and the only difference between now and the mid-19th century is the use of electricity… Continue reading


Thanksgiving Day Fire, 1982

The 25th anniversary of the Thanksgiving Day fire that destroyed Northwestern National Bank  (now Wells Fargo) in downtown Minneapolis is fast approaching. The fire was, at the time, the largest office fire in US history and caused an estimated $100… Continue reading


The Wells Fargo Wagon (Part 3)

Wells Fargo is running a contest  through December 22 that celebrates the Wells Fargo Wagon. (NOT the Stagecoach, folks — that’s different!) Just submit your own music video of the song, “The Wells Fargo Wagon” from The Music Man  and… Continue reading