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Sacramento’s Library: Celebrating 150 Years!

A couple of months ago (October 21, 2007), Wells Fargo helped celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Sacramento Public Library . A Wells Fargo Stagecoach made an appearance and the Old Sacramento Museum staff presented a gold panning exhibition. The festivities… Continue reading

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Traveling in Comfort?

Whenever visitors enter a Wells Fargo History Museum, they are inevitably drawn the Concord Stagecoach. Most are disbelieving when they hear that 18 passengers were packed in and on top of the coach, and their curiosity only grows when they… Continue reading


1875 Holdup in Umatilla

Robberies of treasure carried by Wells Fargo Express aboard stagecoaches, unfortunately did take place. But Wells Fargo’s crack detective force pursued the bandits with cold calculation and didn’t stop pursuing till they netted the bad guys and locked them away…. Continue reading


“Gold from the American River!”

Thinking about Wells Fargo’s beginnings, a few pivotal events come to mind: Henry Wells hiring William Fargo as an express messenger for the Pomeroy Company in 1842 , and the resistance other Directors of the American Express Company had to venturing… Continue reading

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The Great March To Freedom

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  was born on January 15, 1929. A national holiday   to honor his memory and accomplishments happens every year near this date. It’s this weekend. I’m an admirer of Dr. King . I remember… Continue reading


“Give Her the Opportunity!”

Henry Wells is famous for the banking and express companies he founded: American Express  (1850) and Wells, Fargo and Company (1852). But neither of these institutions was his proudest accomplishment. At age 59, Wells began work on “the dream of… Continue reading


Go Chargers

One of my closest friends lives in Rancho Bernardo . Four houses down from his place is a home nearing completion. The original house burned down in the Witch Creek fire  less than three months ago. The new one is bigger… Continue reading

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More On Watches…

As I wrote last week, and as you see here, I got a new banker’s uniform. Here at the Wells Fargo Museum in Old Sacramento, we give tours and dress in the style of the era. My pocket watch gave… Continue reading


Presentation Watches for Bravery

I just got a new period costume for my work here at the Old Sacramento History Museum. I added a pocket watch to finish off the the banker’s uniform and give it a classic feel. It is a nice but… Continue reading


Happy New Year’s!!