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Wells Fargo Meets Lending Goal — Two Years Early!

Wells Fargo is proud of its history in many respects, not the least of which is diversity. Our Chairman of the Board, Dick Kovacevich, says that our commitment to diversity makes Wells Fargo a better, stronger company. Diversity is who… Continue reading

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George Monroe Video

Here’s a video piece about George Monroe, the celebrated stagecoach driver we wrote about the other day! It’s from a video Wells Fargo made a few years ago on our history, “Since 1852: The Universal Friend and Agent.” The piece… Continue reading

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Col. George S. “Spanky” Roberts Video

The story of Colonel George S.Roberts is one of our faves here at Wells Fargo History. There’s a great addition to the story his wife told at a recent event honoring the Tuskegee Airmen. When Col. Roberts retired from duty… Continue reading

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George Monroe, Model Stagecoach Driver

In Stagecoach days, drivers carried Wells Fargo treasure shipments and passengers across the frontier. It took skill to drive a coach and Wells Fargo added rigorous standards of its own: superior reinsmanship, self-reliance and upstanding character. (FYI, it still takes… Continue reading


Tuskegee Airman: Col. George S. “Spanky” Roberts

George S. “Spanky” Roberts was among the first African-Americans selected for pilot training at the famed Tuskegee Army Airfield . He commanded a fighter squadron and flew 78 combat missions over Europe in the Second World War. Upon retirement from the… Continue reading


Pioneers In San Diego

As we celebrate the significant contributions of famous African Americans this month, I think it’s important to introduce our collective memory to the often forgotten local heroes and pioneers of African American history. In the 1880 census, 31 African Americans… Continue reading


Robison Video

Here’s a video piece that works nicely with our story about William M. Robison, from the other day. It’s from a video Wells Fargo made a few years ago on our history, “Since 1852: The Universal Friend and Agent.” The… Continue reading

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William M. Robison, Legend

For forty years, William Robison was the Express Messenger who carried Wells, Fargo & Co.’s Express between Stockton, Calif. and the Sierra Nevada gold mines. He was active in community affairs and worked forcefully to protect the civil rights of… Continue reading

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The Pattersons of Greenfield

Guided By History is pleased to feature this guest post by Cheryl L. McDonald. Cheryl is Wells Fargo’s vice president of Diverse Growth Segments specializing in the African American segment. This team develops initiatives to address the financial needs of… Continue reading


Black History Month

It’s February (already?!) and that means Black History Month . Black History Month acknowledges the contributions to American life made by African Americans: yesterday, today and in days to come. Wells Fargo has a series of short videos that give… Continue reading