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Women’s History at Wells Fargo

When Henry Wells established Wells College for women in 1869, his purpose was clear: “Give her the opportunity!” he thundered. Wells Fargo has a long history of hiring women, echoing founder Henry Wells’ words. The Company’s first female agent was… Continue reading

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The Overland Mail Company (+150)

In September of 1858, stagecoaches left St. Louis and San Francisco on their way to San Francisco and St. Louis, respectively. The Overland Mail Company  was on the road. Here’s the story of the OMC in a nutshell. John Butterfield… Continue reading


Hume Mansion and Wells Fargo

The other day a family came in to visit the Old Sacramento Museum, led by the matriarch. I had a nice conversation with the woman, the subject of which prompted me to write this post. We were discussing Black Bart,… Continue reading


Museum Visitors Reflect Wells Fargo’s History of Diversity

Our Museum was visited recently by 18 professors from Peking University  students, in Minneapolis as adult ESL  students. On the same day, a Minnesota man visited the Museum with his three cousins from Sweden. While these two groups may live… Continue reading


2 Years to the Day

So Guided By History marks its second anniversary today. That’s right, two years of bringing History to The People! Frankly, I deserve all the credit, but I want to share it because that’s just the kind of guy I am… Continue reading


An Unlikely Place for a Touch Down

In January, tornadoes bombarded the South , taking more than fifty lives — at least thirty of those in my native state of Tennessee. Stories of survival in this tragedy include a man who managed to protect himself by pulling a… Continue reading

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Vincent Lau

Guided By History is a blog that I and my colleagues produce as a resource for you readers. There’s a couple people who help out behind the scenes to make sure that this blog and a couple others get out… Continue reading