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A Salute to Our Armed Forces

Wells Fargo has a bustling tradition of both “communities of practice”  and resource groups for Team Members. People of diverse ethnicities and lines of business gather to share experiences and network, though sometimes they just socialize and build relationships. One… Continue reading


Everyone Makes a Difference!

It seems to me that we have reached the point where we can no longer try to ignore our global environment problem. For me, it has really sunk in the past year. (I can thank NPR  for that!) “Should I… Continue reading


More on Felix Tracy…

The short bio on Felix Tracy that I began the other day told of his background and how he became Agent for Wells Fargo in Sacramento. Of the Wells Fargo Agents who served in the Sacramento express office, Tracy had… Continue reading


The Life and Times of Felix Tracy

In Wells Fargo’s Sacramento history, the one name that stands out is Felix Tracy. Tracy was widely known for his reliability as an express agent, but that position was only one he held during a life full of accomplishments. He… Continue reading

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More on Kate Buick

In my Monday post about Kate Buick, I related a story from her niece, Veva Buick Poorman regarding Kate’s use of Morse code. Here’s another one about Kate from Ms. Poorman that describes how her aunt safeguarded Wells Fargo gold…. Continue reading

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Marion Kate Buick, Wells Fargo Agent from Oregon

Wells Fargo has a good history of employing women. Between 1873 and 1918, Wells Fargo hired over 350 women as agents, whose duties included handling shipments of money, delivering mail, loading gold aboard trains and stagecoaches, selling money orders, and… Continue reading


The “Exorcism” of Silas St. John

The funny thing about my April 1st post is that much of it is based in fact. It is true that the grave marker of Silas St. John, which was cast by the famous San Diego artist Donal Hord, is… Continue reading

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The Ghost of Silas St. John

I’ve been working here in Old Town San Diego  for the last 15 years, and consider myself a fairly rational person. So when people tell me that Old Town is haunted, as the child of a physicist, I never put… Continue reading