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Of History and Fantasy

Here’s the kind of thing drives a Historian batty. Open this link  and scroll WAAAAAAAAAAAY down to down to the paragraph just above the SS Senator image to the paragraph that begins, “The American businessmen and creditors who foreclosed on… Continue reading

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Traveling Community

I live in Car Country, USA. San Diego has only developed a light rail system in the last few decades, and it still does not go to where a lot of folks live or would like to go. Gas prices… Continue reading

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Icing Inefficiency

We promised to reduce Loss and Damage. Therefore, we must handle shipments “The Fargo Way.” Issues of the Wells Fargo Messenger in 1913 and 1916 focused on the matter of “Loss and Damage.”  And the little things meant a… Continue reading


The Price of Heritage

This is Asian Pacific Heritage Month , and the idea is to celebrate the many contributions of Asians and Asian-Americans to life here in the US. That is the easy part — just one meal of any Asian cuisine reminds us… Continue reading


Not Technically Money Laundering…

Our team of dedicated Archivists handed me a clipping a while ago. It’s one of those things you find as you do Archival work. They thought, and I agree, that it belongs on Guided By History. All of us have… Continue reading

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