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Donaldson’s Department Store

With all of the interest surrounding the 25th anniversary of the Northwestern National Bank fire, there were a lot of questions about the beginnings of the blaze. When asked about it, most people say it started in the old Donaldson’s … Continue reading


Someday StoriesSM Deadline Nears!

Two things come to mind as I work toward the first deadline for the Someday StoriesSM contest. First, this is one of the latest chapters in Wells Fargo’s history of supporting good causes. Every year, Wells Fargo team members contribute… Continue reading

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Green Turtle Soup

A few months back we began selling a new book in our museums, What Mrs. Fisher Knows About Old Southern Cooking. Published in 1881, this happens to be the first known African American cookbook and a very rare work. Cooking… Continue reading

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Many Winners with the Someday StoriesSM Contest

Wells Fargo launched the Someday StoriesSM contest recently — it’s a chance to win $1,000, $10,000…even $100,000! It’s easy: Tell your story in a paragraph or two. A Someday Stories entry is a 250-words or less expression of your true… Continue reading


A Bad Day: The Ada Hancock

A couple months ago, Charles wrote about the Ada Hancock explosion, the truth of which has been skewed by legend. While he gave the corrected side of the story, there’s a more practical piece of history that resulted from that… Continue reading

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Cornelius Beekman

For the past few years, the Oregon Historical Society  has collaborated with the Wells Fargo History Museum in Oregon to promote our education programs. The Historical Society will host a teacher workshop in November, where teachers can receive professional development… Continue reading

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On the Butterfield Route With Casey (Part 1 of Several)

A couple weeks ago, the Olaf Wieghorst  Western Heritage Day’s Festival took place in El Cajon, California. It’s always great to be able to get out and interact with the public in that type of environment. After 6 years, I’m… Continue reading

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Happy Fourth of July, Everybody!

         … Continue reading


More on the Stagecoach in Hayward

We got good video at the Stagecoach Appearance at our Hayward, California store this past June 14th. We’ve shown you Part I here and Part II here. And now, the leftover video. The bad video. You’re welcome!… Continue reading

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Customer Service Compared

I recently met a new Wells Fargo customer who relayed to me one of those legendary customer service stories that I as a team member like to hear about. The day before she was to close on her new home,… Continue reading