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Transmission Trouble

Well, for the first time in 20 days I spent the night outside the RV. No, I wasn’t sleeping in the street — I was enjoying the hospitality in the beautiful and cozy home of Bill and Connie Whalen. I… Continue reading

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Picacho Peak and the Giant Saguaro

After a night at the Benson KOA  and with Connie all bandaged up, I headed to Tucson. I was meeting with team members and customers in downtown Tucson. I have to say, the trip into Tucson was a bit nerve-wracking…. Continue reading

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Ballad Without Borders

September 15th through October 15th is Hispanic Heritage Month every year. (In case you’re wondering why it starts mid-September, read here).  It’s a time that’s special for me, being Salvadoran-American, and it’s also the time of year when Wells Fargo… Continue reading


The Overland Mail Route — Where Should it Go?

Casey Gill has been recreating the Butterfield Overland Mail Route for some four weeks now. He’s following the journey of Waterman Ormsby, a correspondent from the New York Herald  who was the only through-passenger on the first westbound Butterfield stagecoach…. Continue reading

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Wells Fargo Stands Strong

When Wells Fargo was young, no Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation  bailed out banks. Financial crises became “panics” as depositors rushed to drain banks of ready cash. In February 1855, the St. Louis, Missouri branch of California’s largest bank made loans… Continue reading

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Loma Prieta and Me.

On October 17, 1989, I left work an hour early, picked up my seven-year old kiddo from school and went home. Our plan was to cook some hot dogs on the BBQ and watch the third game of the World… Continue reading

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Down (But Not Out!) at Apache Pass

Connie Whalen is the Curator at Wells Fargo’s Phoenix History Museum. She joined up with Casey in Texas for the second part of his journey, following the Butterfield Overland Mail Route. About a week into the trip, Connie injured herself… Continue reading



Nowadays, bank deposits are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation  up to $100,000, recently raised by legislation to $250,000. A century ago, however, bank depositors’ funds were kept secure only by the reputation and stability of responsible banking institutions…. Continue reading

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Apache Pass

Another morning, another campground. This one was the KOA Las Cruces . After a restful night I was off to historic Mesilla, New Mexico . The town of Mesilla, and the local Wells Fargo team led by Pat Lamb, really put together… Continue reading

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Wells Fargo: our History, Values and Vision

Here’s the story of Wells Fargo & Company – where we came from, who we are today, and what we stand for. Welcome to Wells Fargo! John Stumpf,President and CEO, Wells Fargo… Continue reading