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The Way to San Jose

After leaving Visalia, I headed north toward Fresno . Fresno is not on the actual route, but I had been invited to speak to a group of 4th and 5th graders at Riverview Elementary School. So, I took a small detour… Continue reading


A Voice of Reason

Last week, as I was getting Marianne’s ghost story post ready, I went to the Archives to retrieve the Express Gazette she describes. While I was thumbing through these ancient issues, I kept running across stories that were contemporary then,… Continue reading


Wells Fargo, Presidential

Well-placed sources tell me that Wells Fargo’s history was present during yesterday’s Inaugural events  in Washington. The Secret Service  has codenames  for the people it protects and for the various components of their operations. Presidents are codenamed “Deacon,” “Hunter,” etc…. Continue reading

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Inauguration Day

Today is Inauguration Day, as the nation swears in its 44th President of the United States. It’s a big day on all levels, which I needn’t detail here — everybody knows them because everybody feels it. Politics and government are… Continue reading

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A Significant Holiday

I watched a movie last night called Talk to Me , starring Don Cheadle, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Taraji P. Henson. It’s about a street-wise guy who dreams of being a DJ in 1960s Washington D.C. There is a scene where the… Continue reading

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Spooky History

One of the wonders and frustrations of history is that you often find what you needed after you don’t need it anymore. In early October I got an unusual request from a bank team member asking if we had any… Continue reading

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More On Wells Fargo / Alcatraz

Greg Wellman is our man on Alcatraz. (As a Historian, that is.) He wrote a book about it and blogged on some connections between Wells Fargo and the historic island in San Francisco Bay. As I was going through some… Continue reading

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Va-Va-Visalia Video

Casey moves inexorably to the Butterfield’s finish in San Francisco. Here’s the video report from Fort Tejon and Visalia!      … Continue reading

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Here’s To Prosperity!

           … Continue reading

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