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Sometimes when writing on a subject of history, you become totally immersed in the subject at hand — and don’t even know when you accidentally touch the ALT   (as in alternate) key. I recently wrote a historical feature extolling… Continue reading

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Casey’s Last Vid. (Maybe…)

Casey’s 20-odd-day trip across the West re-created the first Overland stagecoach journey in 1858. All the while he was out there, Casey and his traveling partners photographed, videoed, interviewed, presented, shook hands and made friends. Oh yeah — they fought… Continue reading

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End of the Line

This morning provided me one of those rare opportunities: to sleep in! It felt great! Today is shaping up to be a relatively easy day, with an event planned at the Wells Fargo Store in downtown San Jose. I was… Continue reading

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Spelling the Past With Humor

Last Friday, we introduced the first blog by Wachovia’s Archivist, Sue Choate. Today, Guided By History introduces her colleague, Trudy Cox. Trudy has worked in the Archives for 16 years, is a former teacher and is active at church. Wells… Continue reading

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The Appeal to Customers

Guided By History is pleased to welcome the first blog entry by Sue Choate, Wachovia’s Archivist in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Sue has organized Wachovia’s archives for 20 years. She is a reader, a skier and a grandmother of 5. As… Continue reading

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One Person’s Skyline

While rummaging in the historical collection the other day, I came across a clipping from the San Francisco Examiner  (Wednesday, Feb. 17, 1960, to be exact). The paper had a “Women Today” section, and the story was about a local… Continue reading


Black History Month

February is Black History Month  and it’s especially vital this year: The United States inaugurated an African American as its President.  There is no better demonstration that Black history is all our history. There’s lots of celebration and activities  over… Continue reading