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Benjamin F. Edwards III

Last week, Benjamin Edwards III passed away at the age of 77. Mr. Edwards was the longtime CEO of A.G. Edwards, Inc.  The company became part of Wachovia Securities  in 2007, and became a part of Wells Fargo last year…. Continue reading

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Bank mascots, part 1

Generally when I think of mascots, I think of sports teams, such as Phillie Phanatic  of the Philadelphia Phillies.  Rarely would I think of a bank having a mascot. Yet by working in the Wells Fargo Corporate Archives, I can… Continue reading

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I get emails all the time from folks who have Wells Fargo stuff. There’s a lot of Wells Fargo stuff in circulation out there — souvenir stuff, that is. Trouble is, most of it is, um, inauthentic. We get asked… Continue reading


Weird Branches

Nothing is as heartwarming as a funny-looking dog. You just know he’s your best friend EVER. Second on the heartwarming list has to be a funny-looking building — it simply HAS to be a good place if it looks that… Continue reading

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IceQuest: The Saga

The Stanley Cup Playoffs begin Wednesday in the National Hockey League.  Guided By History happily gives a stamp of approval! Whether or not you’re a hockey fan, you should take a look at the sport. Hockey is cool and has… Continue reading

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Of Springtime, Mickey Lolich and Hooks Dauss

The baseball season has begun  and I thought I’d look around for a story on it. Our Archives have some vintage pix of Wells Fargo teams from earlier days. Way back when, baseball teams were very local. There were town… Continue reading


April 3rd Matters

If you’re a blogger, you know one of the cardinal rules is never fuss about how hard it is to come up with stuff to write about. Another is to never start a history blog with, “Hmm, let’s see what… Continue reading


History Lesson (April Fools!)

I decided to research the history of April Fools’ Day.  All I have ever known about it is that most of us enjoy playing harmless pranks on one another every year on April 1st. It always seemed like a good… Continue reading

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