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Icing Answers for 100 years

100 years ago, Robert Peary  was on his way south from the Arctic Sea, returning to the United States to claim the adulation of the world. Peary had become the first man to reach the North Pole. His expedition, the… Continue reading

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National Bank Notes and Proper Nouns

Ryan Baum is a 17-year Wells Fargo man, a Sr. VP in Asset Management. He’s a U.S. Navy veteran and a leading member of Wells Fargo’s Veterans Resource Group. He has been a coin and currency collector since the age… Continue reading

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“Tranquility Base, here…”

On this day in 1969, astronauts first walked on the moon.  I was a little kid when it happened. (No age jokes — I’ll hit you with my cane!) My parents roused my brothers and sisters and me from our… Continue reading

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Saving Elk

Wells Fargo has a history of conserving resources through smart business practices, such as recycling waste paper, equipping buildings with solar power, and buying more renewable energy than any other company. Wells Fargo Express also has had a role in… Continue reading

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A Birthday Wonder

Today is Wells Fargo’s 157th anniversary. On this day in 1852, Wells Fargo opened for business in San Francisco, a bustling gold rush ‘burg. Within a few weeks, the next offices opened in Sacramento and Portland. The name you trust… Continue reading

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Family Fun Day…A Hit!

Joycee Wong is Curator at Wells Fargo’s San Francisco History Museum. Today, she tells us about yesterday’s Open House event there. (CR) On Thursday, July 9, hundreds of museum visitors attended and enjoyed our Family Open House. Yelps of laughter… Continue reading

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Family Open House

Tomorrow, July 9, Wells Fargo museum visitors — including Wells Fargo team members and their children — will enjoy many fun and interactive activities, and learn the history of our Company during our Family Open House. The Wells Fargo History… Continue reading

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Wells Fargo’s Charter Number (cont’d)

Last week, Ryan Baum began an historical explanation of Wells Fargo’s National Bank charter number. Something this esoteric shouldn’t make for an interesting read. But Ryan, a serious collector of coins and currency since he was a kid, has found… Continue reading

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The 4th of July

          hip hip HOORAY! for America!… Continue reading

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National Bank Notes and Wells Fargo’s Charter Number

Ryan Baum is Senior Vice President of Finance in Wells Fargo’s Asset Management Group. He joined Wells Fargo in 1992, fresh from graduate school, and participated in Wells Fargo’s mergers with First Interstate, Norwest, and now Wachovia. Ryan is also… Continue reading

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