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Auld lang syne

Hoping your New Year is the best ever!          … Continue reading

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Wells Fargo in Ogden

When two financial institutions join to form a new organization, it initially creates lots of work integrating two firms’ financial systems, team members and cultures. One perfect example is in Utah, the First National Bank of Ogden. Ogden  was a… Continue reading

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And now, a word from…

Well, it’s that time of year. The time when we all gather to share with each other those special wishes for those special things that stay just out of reach, year after year… Don’t pay any attention to him! From… Continue reading

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“What Christmas Gift Will You Make?”

A tiny magazine at its inception in April 1909, The Solicitor was published by Wachovia Loan and Trust Company. The magazine was approximately 5 ½ inches by 4 inches in size. Even so, it packed a wallop with its insightful,… Continue reading

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Backstage at an exhibition

We here at the SF History Museum are catching our breaths after having put on the final touches of our latest exhibition, Women Making Financial History. You have read previous posts about the exhibition, and many are now walking through… Continue reading

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La Fanciulla del West

La fanciulla del West  (“Girl of the Golden West”) is an opera by Giacomo Puccini . It will be featured in the 2010 summer season by San Francisco Opera . The opera debuted in 1910, and is a story that takes place… Continue reading


Only 17 shopping days left!

The cost of “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” including that partridge  in a pear tree, is up to $87,403 this year. Gold has risen sharply this past year, escalating the cost of “five golden rings”  from $350 to $500. Swans ,… Continue reading

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Boy, do we read! Part II

Last summer, our team of dedicated Historians (and me, too) gave you our “what we’re reading” list, inspired as we were by Anonymous’s request. It’s time for another list in our irregular but ongoing series, posted whenever we finish a… Continue reading

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1¢ coffee

Today, coffee shops are ubiquitous  and tend to satisfy the palette of the most discerning coffee connoisseur , but there was a time when the “coffee stand” served the nobler purpose of helping those in need. After the 1830s, New Yorkers… Continue reading

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