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San Francisco Forty-Eighters?

Over a century and a half ago, James Marshall’s famous gold discovery, in the tailrace of John Sutter’s recently completed lumber mill on the American River, easily ranks as one of the world’s great events. While Concord’s “shot heard round… Continue reading

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Caption contest winners!

Thank you to all the smarty pants who submitted a caption for this photograph. I initially only planned for a Top Ten, but you sent so many wonderful captions that I am posting 15 favorites, in no particular order. The… Continue reading

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EUREKA!!! Now what?

This week marks the anniversary of the discovery of gold in California, which sparked the legendary Gold Rush that resonated the world over — and changed California and the West, pretty much overnight. (CR) The other day, something made me… Continue reading

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This weekend is the celebration of Martin Luther King’s life and work. As I’ve written before, Dr. King is a hero of mine. Each year on this nice, long weekend, I honor him by trying to live the words. “Yeah,… Continue reading

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Recycling is good.

And it’s been around a while. I found this video from 1970 in the Archives — it’s cool and funny in a variety of ways. Think of that, 1970  — looooong enough for historians to examine. Two things stand out…. Continue reading

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The promise of History

On January 8, 1838, a man named Alfred Lewis Vail  introduced a telegraphic code. It was a forerunner of Morse Code , developed by Samuel F.B. Morse, Vail’s colleague and fellow pioneer of the telegraph. Vail was from a well-to-do manufacturing… Continue reading

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Caption needed

Guided by History is pleased to introduce a new blogger, Anna from our Corporate Archives. She comes to us with superior knowledge and experience — a real troublemaker, in short. (CR) I have a great job. As an archivist in… Continue reading

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Share your resolutions

At the first of the year, we all determine we’ll do it right once and for all. No more carping at the spouse about dirty floors. Make the dog show-ready because you originally bought him to win prize money. Clean… Continue reading

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