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The price is right

In 1899, a San Francisco assayer  wished to send a trunk to his wife, who was visiting friends in Murphy’s , Calaveras County.  He went to see William R. and Henry D. Morton, proprietors of Morton Special Delivery  at 404-408 Taylor… Continue reading

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Rosa Parks Day

I ride the bus to work almost every day. Because I board the bus at one of the first stops on the route, I have my choice of seats — usually up near the front of the bus. A couple… Continue reading

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Presidents Day

Monday is Presidents Day , the annual sales event  throughout the entire mall. This is a good thing. But it’s also Black History Month, as you know. We can now combine the two observances in the person of Barack Obama, 44th… Continue reading

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Jackie Robinson

On February 10, 1946, Jack Roosevelt Robinson and Rachel Isum were married in a big ceremony in Los Angeles. A couple weeks later, the Robinsons were on their way to Daytona Beach, Florida, and spring training with the Brooklyn Dodgers…. Continue reading

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Something that has always struck me when reading about the Civil Rights Movement is the courage of those individuals who fought for equal rights under such dangerous circumstances. (I wonder if I would have been as brave as they were… Continue reading

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February is Black History Month

Black History Month begins today, and it’s my annual opportunity to stress the importance of it to us all. Historians study the field from multiple directions, from uncountable sub-categories. All serve to add a piece to the structure of our… Continue reading

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