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Survey SAYS…!!!

I have a survey I need you to take. (Notice how it’s ME that needs your help?) It’s pretty short but very informative. Tells me what you like and what you don’t here on the Guided By History blog. (And… Continue reading

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Lights off…it’s ON!

Tomorrow is Earth Hour. (Love the vid!) At 8:30pm your time — wherever you are — you simply shut off all the lights and unnecessary appliances for an hour. Earth Hour is a powerful statement of purpose, that as one… Continue reading

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A Wells Fargo Jones

Beyond the railroad lines, where passengers and packages arrived by stagecoach, Julia Lois Jones was agent at Mariposa, California, near Yosemite, from 1892 to 1902, succeeding her sister, Lucy Jones Miller. Between the two sisters, Wells Fargo’s Mariposa office was… Continue reading

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Carrie Adell Strahorn

Throughout her childhood the one thing Carrie Adell wanted to avoid was becoming a pioneer. The daughter of a surgeon, Carrie lived a comfortable life in Illinois. She received a degree from the University of Michigan and studied abroad. But… Continue reading

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On March 18, 1852, Henry Wells and William G. Fargo signed a document. With associates, the two men incorporated Wells, Fargo & Co. to provide Banking and Express business in California and the Pacific Coast. Wells and Fargo believed in… Continue reading

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Gwen Stetson, 1922-2010

The other day I read an article in the Washington Post about Women Air Force Service Pilots (W.A.S.P.) from World War II. After decades of being pushed to the back burner of WWII history, these brave women are finally getting… Continue reading

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One dog-gone tradition

Tom Bennett is our Curator at the Alaska Heritage Museum at Wells Fargo, in Anchorage. He has been involved with museums for 29 years as a Museum Attendant to Director. Tom is involved is also involved with the Alaska Zoo… Continue reading

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“All at Once”

What better way to mark Women’s History Month  and International Women’s Day  than with a little music? Now, maybe that’s just me — I’m inclined to mark most days with music. I collect LPs as a hobby, and I got… Continue reading

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Forbidden Titles

Many bank historians and collectors of banknotes are fascinated with the variety of names that banks have used over the years. While in the most common varieties of names were “First National Bank of…” or “Farmers and Merchants National Bank… Continue reading

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