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One of my first jobs was in a warehouse doing shipping and receiving. The merchandise came in containers by truck — outgoing goods went by LTL and parcel carrier. I pulled, packed and shipped all day long. Good work and… Continue reading

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Cowboys sign historian

This just in… Peter King at reports Scott Sicko has signed with the Dallas Cowboys. No one is cheering louder than I. No one can drown out the collective “Huzzahs” of Historians everywhere. Yes, one of our own has… Continue reading

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History and value

Yahoo! shares this report from one of its sports blogs. University of New Hampshire football star Scott Sicko has chosen to study History as a grad student instead of a shot at the big money and fame of the National… Continue reading

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Earth Day 2010

For Earth Day 2010, here is a tale of environmental irresponsibility, leading to realization, then conservation. In 1884, a federal court ruling halted the destructive dumping of debris from hydraulic mining. High-pressure hoses tapped into Sierra Nevada rivers and blasted… Continue reading

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Remember your future

Here at Guided By History, we take seriously the sacred trust of helping you understand the importance of history. Relevance is what I want to share — the realization that what occurred in the past directly connects with what happens… Continue reading

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Bank of North America: America’s first bank

This article will conclude my national banks “race to the first”…kind of. Earlier we explored banks who were first to receive the first national charter starting from the West Coast, moving to the East. This time I’ll explore the first… Continue reading

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10,000 offices

Wells Fargo began business in 1852, to provide financial services to pioneers on the Pacific coast. The California gold rush brought thousands of Argonauts from around the world, all hoping to find riches, or freedom, or realize whatever dream they… Continue reading

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Pinch-hitting for history

On this day in 1973, Ron Blomberg of the New York Yankees strode to the plate as the very first designated hitter in a regular season Major League Baseball game. Since that dubious moment, the American League, and games between… Continue reading

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Wells Fargo and the Pony Express | 150 Years

On April 3rd, 1860, the fabled Pony Express sent its first riders west from St. Joseph, Missouri, and east from Sacramento, California. What transpired over the next 18 months was unstable business and a changing route, as railroads squeezed in… Continue reading

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