Pride in New York City

What a weekend I had. No matter how good yours was, I got you beat — that’s just how it is.

Well, anyway, I was in Manhattan for NYC Pride as I boasted last week. We posted real time to our Facebook page, which meant a lot of work. And kind of funny hard work, too — I carried a video camera in one hand, and my iPhone in the other. I shot video, took pictures, wrote captions and dispatches, then emailed or texted them out to get fixed up. (You make a lot of mistakes in syntax when you’re doing 3 things at once, outside, in a parade, with a zillion people partying all around.) All this made its way to Your Man in San Diego , Casey Gill, who posted it on Facebook.

The Stagecoach on Christopher Street (Click for larger image in a new window)Social Media is modern times, baby.

I’ve been to a few stagecoach appearances in my time. They are always cool, because the stagecoach looks so clean and really stands out. Local Wells Fargo people are there having fun with the community, and there’s usually somebody from Corporate to check in and get involved.

This year, the New York area Chief, Eleanor Willets, was riding in the coach, waving to about 150,000 friends and customers. Wells Fargo’s Diverse Segments leader, Michelle Scales, rode up with the driver along with Lovester Law, who manages Wells Fargo’s Stagecoach program.

Then there are the stagecoach drivers and their retinue, often family (which means lots of jokes and stories about that time when Al was a kid, and the goat trapped him on the porch, etc.). Tyke Frost had the reins for this event. His wife Sue and several others helped out, but not before they told me every embarrassing story about Tyke they could remember.

Those darn team members! (Did I mention they’re great?) (Click for larger image in a new window)But the star players were Tyke’s four Belgian and Quarter horses: Magic, Bandit, Smokey and Sire. At a couple points in the parade, the noisy crowd drowned out communication between Tyke and the horses. But the trust they had in Tyke’s instructions with the reins, and the cool professionalism of the horses, kept them on pace.

Trust me: Horses are professional when they’re a Wells Fargo team. When you see it, you know what I mean.

Anyway, the parade itself was unforgettable. Beautiful day, everyone there in high spirits, feeling happiness and pride…and having a really good time. Major, major party! No one out of control, everyone cheering the parade entrants, everyone looking their best.

Let’s do it all again tomorrow!

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2 Responses to Pride in New York City

  1. Jason B. Moore says:


    It was such a BLAST having you guys come & celebrate with us! NYC welcomes you guys back ANYTIME!

    Thanks Again!
    Jason B. Moore

  2. Elvert Barnes says:

    Just wanted to pass onto you images that I took on Sunday, 27 June 2010 of Wells Fargo during the 40th NYC Pride Parade as it veered onto Christopher Street from West 9th Street and 6th Avenue in the West Village which may be found at

    Though still under construction here is my 40th NYC Pride Parade 2010 docu-project at

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