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Washington on stagecoaches

Doing research on the rise of the stagecoach along the Eastern seaboard, I ran into an interesting quote from none other than George Washington. In 1788, the Father of Our Country was waiting impatiently for news to arrive in Mount… Continue reading

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Katrina + 5

It was 5 years ago this weekend that Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast and became the costliest natural disaster in U.S. history. It also claimed nearly 2,000 lives. Katrina occurred at the height of the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season…. Continue reading

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“Docents with style”

We recently received a packet in the mail addressed to “Connie and Ileana, Docents With Style.” It was a packet of thank you letters from an elementary school class that recently came on a tour of our museum. I gotta… Continue reading

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History and its discontents

Last weekend, I had several projects, including hours of toil in the yard. Timing was critical because the “to do” list is long, and several other schedules keyed on it: seasonal, budgetary, and getting to the movies on time. Unfortunately,… Continue reading

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Jessie Frémont as a young woman

Sheila Rathjen is an interpreter at our history museum in Old Town Sacramento. She has been in banking most of her adult life. Sheila took some time from her schedule of tours to send us this story on a remarkable… Continue reading

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Back in black

Greetings! I am back with another photo caption contest, the fun pastime where I pull an interesting photo from the Wells Fargo Corporate Archives for which you write a witty and relevant caption. The rules have changed, though, so… Continue reading

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Semper paratus

Last weekend in Grand Haven, Mich., the Wells Fargo stagecoach appeared in the 86th annual Coast Guard Festival there. It was terrific to be part of one community’s celebration of a critical service, the United States Coast Guard. And it… Continue reading

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A woman who did not follow conventional wisdom

As I wrote this article over Mother’s Day weekend, I thought quite a bit of the values and education that women in my family imparted in me. Some of my strongest memories were of my mother’s strong control of the… Continue reading

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Reach for the gold

This past June, I attended the Special Olympics Summer games, held at UC Davis. 800 athletes from northern California participated in track & field, swimming, bocce and tennis. Brittnay Joy is not directly related to me, but she’s as dear… Continue reading

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A new look for GBH!

As promised last Thursday, Guided by History proudly unveils its new look today! Why, thank you! But this is a history blog, not only revealing and sharing Archival materials, but actually reveling in them. It’s with that fact as our… Continue reading

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