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Yellow Jack

With the recent tragedies of Katrina, the BP oil spill, and the recent gas explosion in San Bruno, Calif., it’s nice to keep in mind that, when disasters strike, Americans have a history of coming together and helping communities in… Continue reading

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Andy Hall

Amanda Bohn is Museum Assistant in Phoenix. This is her second contribution to Guided by History. (CR) On Sunday, August 20, 1882, Andrew Hall was guarding the Wells Fargo buckboard that ran from Casa Grande to Globe. The stage road… Continue reading

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Curious coincidences

Life is full of interesting coincidences. (One of our museum assistants just experienced one.) My friend’s parents are named Mario and Maria, his girlfriend’s parents are Rafael and Rafaela, and he and his girlfriend also share the same name. Two… Continue reading

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Fall springs eternal

The coming month looks to be a bountiful harvest of activity in the Piedmont. Autumn events celebrate the moment, because all the year’s work has come to that moment and winter is nigh. The region hosts the North Carolina State… Continue reading

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An inspiring discovery at the Alaska Heritage Museum

Jennifer McCarty is a Museum Assistant for the Alaska Heritage Museum at Wells Fargo, in Anchorage. Of Inupiaq, Irish, Scottish-Irish and English heritage, Jennifer was raised in Toronto, Canada, and has spent the past 14 years in Alaska. She also… Continue reading

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As the Crow flies

The First National Bank of Crows Landing is viewed as one of the most colorful names among issuing national banks. Most collectors assume the name is derived from the blackbirds which are so plentiful in California’s Central Valley. Few realize… Continue reading

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Buen Hispanic Heritage Month!

Today, Hispanic Heritage Month begins. It’s when we enjoy the many gifts we’ve gotten over the centuries — language, food, music, art, friendships. Intelligence. Beauty. The Wells Fargo Archives recently acquired this image, a postcard sent in 1948, showing the… Continue reading

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Je peux vous aider!*

Beginning in September, customers will be able to complete their ATM transactions in French at Wells Fargo ATMs — including those branded Wachovia, A Wells Fargo Company. This is an exciting new service, but it is nothing new to Wells… Continue reading

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My dears

Thank you! I loved all of your submissions to the most recent photo captions contest. Miss J brought me to tears with “Trophy Wife — you’re doing it wrong.” “Proof positive that wearing frumpy, ill-fitting sweaters can affect your looks”… Continue reading

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Museums, new and renewed

Last July (the 28th, to be exact), the Wells Fargo History Museum in Minneapolis celebrated its tenth anniversary. As part of Wells Fargo’s merger of equals with Norwest, we installed a museum space inside the beautiful César Pelli building in… Continue reading

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