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Life in the cemetery

Joycee Wong is a Curator at our San Francisco History Museum. Last year at this time — Halloween and Day of the Dead celebrations — Joycee reflected on the hope and light one finds in darker issues of mortality. She… Continue reading

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Cue evil laugh

I am pleased to present a photo caption contest appropriate for All Hallows. This time I would like to share two images found in the Archives that I find completely compelling but that leave me admittedly a bit dumbstruck. Perhaps… Continue reading

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Down under in Old Sacramento

Sacramento was built at the confluence of the American and Sacramento rivers in 1849. Because frequent flooding from the rivers devastated the early city, town leaders decided upon a bold plan — raise the city above the flood waters. From… Continue reading

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Maud Balch Thompson

A short time ago, we received an autobiography written by Maud Balch Thompson, who worked for Wells Fargo Bank in San Francisco. Mrs. Thompson’s granddaughter was visiting one of our museums and had a conversation with the Curator. When she… Continue reading

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Pony Express riders

As we celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Pony Express, I can only imagine what riders endured to deliver the mail over 1,840 miles of harsh conditions, difficult terrain, and unwelcome situations. Who were these Pony Express riders, and what… Continue reading

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Amos Sewell

Amazing what you find when you actually get to read through stuff in the Archives. Amos Sewell was a Wells Fargo team member from 1916 to 1930, who went on to become a well-known illustrator. As a 16-year old, Sewell… Continue reading

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Detectives and Highwaymen

Amanda Hopper Koehler is an interpreter at the Old Sacramento History Museum. This is her third contribution to the blog—Amanda likes sharing Wells Fargo’s history with visitors, in person and on the worldwide web! (CR) The bandit grins like it’s… Continue reading

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