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What’s your story?

Wells Fargo has nine history museums: Anchorage, Alaska; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Phoenix, Arizona; Portland, Oregon; and in California, Los Angeles; Old Town San Diego; San Francisco; and two in Sacramento – Old Town and Capital Mall. Next fall, our tenth will… Continue reading

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Eat hearty!

Remember, it’s all about the feast!… Continue reading

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Recipe for remembrance

Joycee Wong has this follow-up to her post last month about Dia de los Muertos, its uses, you might say, and its importance. And with Thanksgiving next week, it speaks to us on several other levels, too. (CR) Ingredients: 1… Continue reading

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Desert flower of the mining camps

Earlier this year I came across a remainder certificate from the banking clearing house that was hastily set up in Rhyolite, Nevada, following the panic of 1907. Although I visited Rhyolite as a kid, I had never taken the time… Continue reading

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Owl-O-Ween in Anchorage

Tom Bennett is our Curator in Anchorage since 2009. He builds exhibits well enough to be called the “Obi Wan of mounts” among our Museum folks. (Honest!) Tom is a wildlife fan, a photographer and artist, and we’re pleased to… Continue reading

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Wells Belles

Thanks for participating in the Halloween photo caption contest.    For image 1, Kevin Berry from Facebook thought “The costumes were unexciting, but the party WAS a gas!!” Cat submitted “The game of Twister at the Wells Fargo Holiday party… Continue reading

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Veteran’s Day

Look at these guys — young, brash, tough. Warriors. The reality, of course, is that their youth was probably stowed away PDQ after seeing combat. You know, 20 going on 50, almost overnight. Every story a Vet tells you, that… Continue reading

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More on Crows Landing

Here are two interesting documents to add to my earlier article on First National Bank of Crows Landing. I recently stumbled upon a couple of envelopes sent to Clinton Pike Crow, an uncle of Benjamin Franklin Crow, a founder of… Continue reading

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Well, The San Francisco Giants are World Champions. What a great day this is! Highlight video by Major League Baseball via Here’s a little history for you — personal history, that is. I grew up a fan of the… Continue reading

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