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Unlocking a history of John Dickson Stephens

One of my first posts here on Guided by History was on the Bank of Woodland in my home county of Yolo. Recently, I picked up a couple of covers that lead to more information on the Bank of Woodland’s… Continue reading

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Billboards have long been a romantic symbol of endless stretches of highway and journeys through the West. They have been represented in art by everyone from Ed Ruscha to Patrick Kikut, each exploring different connotations of space and time. The… Continue reading

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The stagecoach in Manhattan

As I told you (here and here), Wells Fargo has returned to New York, where our company began in 1852. Almost to the day, in fact: March 18. We’re celebrating with a variety of events around Gotham—stagecoach rides, a Mobile… Continue reading

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Hello New York!

Hello New York events are in full gallop! Last Friday, was Wells Fargo’s 159th anniversary, and we’re celebrating by hosting activities around Manhattan. Wachovia’s New York financial centers are now Wells Fargo banking stores, and we have stagecoach rides, presentations… Continue reading

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A wheel isn’t just a wheel

There is something in our museum that is truly a work of art, and represents the highest attainment of 19th-century craftsmanship and engineering. While you might think that I’m referring to our grand 1867 Concord stagecoach, in this case, I’m… Continue reading

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On March 18, 1852, Henry Wells and William Fargo signed Articles of Association with investors and other directors. These articles formed Wells Fargo and Company, to provide banking and express services to pioneers in California, and the rapidly-expanding West. The… Continue reading

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Japan’s earthquake, revisited

As you likely know, the situation in Japan continues to worsen, and the information is changing rapidly. I noticed today when I went to my Wells Fargo ATM* that it is now possible for Wells Fargo customers to donate money… Continue reading

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Atlantic Bankaround

When was the last time you stopped at an ATM? Pretty routine for most of us. So try to imagine a time when an ATM was so foreign, and the technology so new—so revolutionary—that it was like something from out… Continue reading

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GBH at 5

On March 13, 2011, yesterday, we marked our fifth anniversary here at Guided by History. It’s been fun! Anniversaries with 5s and 0s are the ones with the most distinction, though that’s really not as important as we think. I… Continue reading

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Japan’s earthquake

Today the U.S. woke up to horrific images of destruction of earthquake and tsunami damage in Northern Japan. Our thoughts are with the Japanese, as well as with those who have friends and loved ones there.* To put it into… Continue reading

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