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A history of care (and feeding)

I am personally not a pet guy. I had a dog when I was a kid, but she was most connected with my sister. When I left home, I was pretty much a lone wolf and never had room. The… Continue reading

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Check out this image. This is a print from an original ambrotype in our Archives. There is no info on it, except vague memories. Many pieces in our historical collection come from random donations. This ambrotype is representative of the… Continue reading

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From Aubrey, in the Archives: “Had this arrived three weeks ago!” Had it indeed. It would have been a different 4th entirely. Buddy Bear was Norwest Bank’s mascot in the early 1980s. (Norwest joined Wells Fargo in a merger of… Continue reading

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Take a look at this page that lists many of the events of 50 years ago. Consider how many things occurred that we’d consider very dramatic: Peace Corps, treaties, nuclear testing, Civil Rights activism … like, every day. History is… Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Greenbacks!

The Civil War was, in many respects, the crucible that forged our nation once and for all from an awkward adolescent into a strong adult. Much of Civil War discussion focuses on federal versus states’ rights, military strategy, leaders who… Continue reading

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The air conditioner

This is Candice Helgeson’s second post for GBH. Candice is a museum assistant in Phoenix, and is a degreed Historian who does Modern paintings. She spends time in the beautiful (and HOT!) Arizona outdoors. (CR) Summer is here and temperatures… Continue reading

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Financing Independence

On Independence Day, I often think of the amazing pledge that is the Declaration of Independence. Earlier this summer I was fortunate enough to take my son to Philadelphia to visit Independence Hall and contemplate what it means to publicly… Continue reading

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Happy 4th!

The summer has begun. Just after school’s out, Solstice occurs. Then the 4th. Before school starts again are two months of beaches/lakes/rivers, county fairs, evening drives with the top down (scroll down!), everlasting love, and parties. Get started!… Continue reading

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