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Hurricane Irene

Here comes hurricane season. Irene starts us off with a strong one. I just wrote about quakes the other day, so maybe I’m in disaster mode. I hope not—disasters are bad, and I prefer droll posts about mascots and law… Continue reading

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Yesterday, an earthquake rattled the Eastern U.S., from New England to Georgia. The tremor measured 5.8 on the Richter scale, no small quake. (We in California have affection for 3-pointers, but we respect the 5s.) Last night as I was… Continue reading

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“Nerve, talent and genius..”

Wells Fargo stage driver William H. “Shotgun” Taylor drove Wells Fargo’s stages in the northern Rockies, summer and winter. In winter, he wore a buffalo robe coat and pants on the job. In 1868, Taylor drove Congressman Schuyler Colfax from… Continue reading

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You go into stores, banks, restaurants—just about anywhere anymore—you get visual media. Screened images, TV, computer monitors, even your own smart phone push images on you that move and flicker. And of course, shout at you. Is this entertainment? Or… Continue reading

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Peach Month

According to the U.S. Archives, August is Peach Month. People, we’re a week behind! There are many of us who exult over stone fruits, and look forward to this season of the year. I personally eat ’em all day long,… Continue reading

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Piggy bank

I had an interesting conversation with my three year old the other day about why his piggy bank isn’t a pig. (This is when having a museum curator for a mom means you get history lessons at strange moments!) The… Continue reading

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