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The Legend of Stingy Jack

Ever wonder where the tradition of the Jack O’Lantern hails from? Well, an old Irish tale of a man named Jack—con artist, drunk and wretched soul—lays claim to that tradition. The story has it that Jack was such a beastly… Continue reading

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Banktown: Charlotte’s current banking heyday draws on deep roots

Tomorrow, Wells Fargo’s History Museum opens in Charlotte, North Carolina, as part of Wells Fargo’s community celebration. Guided by History is pleased to share the following community history by Dr. Tom Hanchett, staff historian at Levine Museum of the New… Continue reading

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Today is Diwali, a “festival of lights” for Hindus, Sikhs and Jains. Diwali is five nights that mark the celebration of goodness and the banishment of evil, emerging from spiritual darkness, and the attainment of Nirvana. (Not easy to do.)… Continue reading

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Wells Fargo in Charlotte

We often begin history briefs about specific locations with “Wells Fargo in…” Soon enough, I’ll probably rue using this title when I write an actual history of Wells Fargo in Charlotte. No matter—this is a heady week. Saturday, the Wells… Continue reading

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Get Smart About Credit Day

Get Smart About Credit (GSAC) day falls, this year, on Thursday, Oct. 20. Basically, GSAC was developed by the Education Foundation within the American Bankers Association to reach out to educators and new consumers (or consumers-to-be), and help them understand… Continue reading

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Smart about credit

Next Thursday is the 9th annual National Get Smart About Credit day, sponsored by the American Bankers Association Education Foundation. In support, Wells Fargo has launched a campaign all through October, reaching out to communities across the country to discuss… Continue reading

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Covering early California

Envelopes sent by early California express companies contained communication and often commerce. The combination of origin and addressee implies to researchers the type of information contained—after all these years, contents are seldom still contained in the envelope,(or “cover”. I recently… Continue reading

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Steve Jobs

Thomas Edison. Henry Ford. Robert Fulton. Benjamin Franklin. Babe Ruth. Pioneers, all. Today, Steve Jobs. Godspeed…. Continue reading

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Book Festival a success!

Wells Fargo historians were very busy in Washington D.C. last weekend, at the National Book Festival. We had an amazing time! We did readings and history activities at two Wells Fargo zones, and were happy to see so many interested… Continue reading

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