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A marathon bank, pt. 1

How many times have you heard the comment, “It’s a marathon, not a sprint”?Often my son wants proof of immediate success—was he the fastest in the race, did he score the most goals, did he win? While I commend his… Continue reading

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We gather together…

In 1954, the Northwestern (National Bank) News had this item the week after Thanksgiving. It reminds us that Thanksgiving is for the young, even if the old take it over with football and neckties. Food for thought. Enjoy your holiday,… Continue reading

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Welcome, Snowflake

It’s Plush Pony season, everyone! (CR) GBH is thrilled to present Barbara Yager, who is introducing this year’s Plush Pony. Barbara works for Wells Fargo Enterprise Marketing in Charlotte North Carolina, and manages the Plush Pony program. There is no… Continue reading

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Wells Fargo in Philadelphia

Thursday November 17, 2011, Well Fargo opens our 12th History Museum. It’s in Philadelphia (with a bit of history of its own!) Incidentally, you’re not seeing double. We did blog only a few weeks back about our 11th Museum, in… Continue reading

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America’s 19th century reality show

Michael Shanahan has spent most of the past twenty years working for Wells Fargo Historical Services in one capacity or another. He currently manages the Wells Fargo Museums in Sacramento, California. We are thrilled that blogging is his latest capacity!… Continue reading

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Roll of Honor

The Wells Fargo Archives recently processed materials from Connecticut. These historical items are from the Stamford Trust Co., which eventually rolled into First Union and then Wachovia Bank. This poster was part of the yield: The five soldiers shown were… Continue reading

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The Occupy Wall Street movement has received a lot of attention during the past few months as it continues to protest the wealthiest “1%,” a group they hold responsible for the plight of “the 99%.” The current Occupy movement expresses… Continue reading

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Only two weeks ago, the weatherman on Minnesota Public Radio used the “s” word: snow. Thankfully, he was referring to snow in Siberia, which meteorologists think might influence how cold the winter gets in the Eastern US. Now that the… Continue reading

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