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Help vet this image

Greetings! I have returned with another photo caption contest, the fun pastime where I pull an interesting photo from the Wells Fargo Corporate Archives for which you write a witty and relevant caption. Please submit all captions through the comments… Continue reading

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International travel tips

In 1852, Wells Fargo opened its first office in bustling, gold rush San Francisco, to provide financial and express services—specifically, to get money from one person to another by the most secure means available: check, money order, commission, bill of… Continue reading

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Biggest little bank

The deserts of the great Southwest are thought to be inhospitable areas, where little grows except the hardiest plants and animals. This austere environment challenged the earliest pioneers as they crossed from east to west. Financial services were already in… Continue reading

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The Harvey Houses

I was watching a 1946 movie the other night called “The Harvey Girls”, starring Judy Garland. Miss Garland plays Susan, a young girl from Ohio who sets off to the Southwest by train to marry a man she has never… Continue reading

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Moving pictures

…in the Wells Fargo Corporate Archives! The historical material collected by the Archives includes not just documents and photographs, but also moving pictures. We’ve recently undertaken the much-needed project to convert old film and video into a more usable digital… Continue reading

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Key on Flag Day

June 14th, Flag Day, is connected to a resolution from the Second Continental Congress in 1777, which states: Resolved, that the flag of the United States be thirteen stripes, alternate red and white; that the union be thirteen stars, white… Continue reading

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Protecting money

Greg Jones is a Museum Assistant in Charlotte and lives in Statesville. He has a degree in Education from the University of Akron and a Masters in Leadership from Mountain State University. Greg enjoys reading Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels… Continue reading

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“Hello, Norwest…”

Aubrey Carrier is one of Wells Fargo’s Corporate Archivists. She is known for the extraordinary library that resides in her mind, as well as her dedication in attempting to stave off entropy. A compulsive creator of metadata, Aubrey spends her… Continue reading

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John G. Medlin Jr.

John G. Medlin Jr., former President, CEO and Chairman of Wachovia Bank, passed away this morning at the age of 78. Mr. Medlin began with Wachovia bank in 1959. He rose through the ranks for 17 years, becoming Chief Executive… Continue reading

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Pride 2012

It’s June, which means Pride events across the land. The Wells Fargo Stagecoach, at this point, is scheduled to appear in at least 20 Pride events this year. Check out "Gay Pride 2012: 18 Surprising Facts"… super interesting! A waterborne… Continue reading

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