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Woodward’s wonderful world

Michelle Brass is an assistant at the Wells Fargo History Museum in San Francisco. She earned her BA in History at UC Berkeley (Go Bears!), and is particularly interested in World War II and the history of film. When not… Continue reading

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Anytime. Anywhere.

Today, Wells Fargo announces the nationwide expansion of Wells Fargo Mobile® Deposit (pdf), making it more convenient for customers to conduct banking transactions. Using an iPhone or Android device, customers across the nation can easily deposit checks into their eligible… Continue reading

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Lord Mayor’s Show

The Wells Fargo Stagecoach makes hundreds of appearances each year, in communities across the country. Lately, we can add "around the globe": There are coaches on exhibit in India and China, and a couple weeks back the stagecoach rolled in… Continue reading

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Cold turkey

Thanksgiving is a time when we … well, give thanks. Yearly markers like this and other holidays give us the opportunity, also, to begin new pursuits or cast off old burdens. New Year’s Day is the classic of course—resolutions. But… Continue reading

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Welcome Mack!

Mack was one of 600 horses that pulled eight stages daily for Wells Fargo & Company’s Pioneer Stage Company line. In the 1860s, the Pioneer line traveled from Placerville, Calif. to Virginia City, in Nevada’s silver mining region. In 1865,… Continue reading

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Veterans and the Golden Gate Bridge

Earlier this year we celebrated the Golden Gate Bridge’s 75th Anniversary in San Francisco. During the Memorial Day Weekend celebration, the battleship USS Iowa was towed under the bridge, bound for her new home as a museum ship in Los… Continue reading

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Above and beyond

This past September, millions watched as Space Shuttle Endeavour journeyed toward its new home at the California Science Center, where it will settle into retirement at the ripe old age of 21. Once the most high-tech vehicle on the planet,… Continue reading

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A happy Veteran’s Day

Wells Fargo announced yesterday we are committing $35 million over the next three years as part of an ongoing commitment to supporting military service members and veterans. This commitment includes donations and sponsorships; property donations and support to nonprofits that… Continue reading

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Wells Fargo Stagecoach CGI

Computer-generated imagery, or CGI, has taken the Wells Fargo stagecoach—our icon—and, uh, re-animated it with the latest technology. Rhythm & Hues Studios worked with Wells Fargo’s Stagecoach Appearance Program, combining actual horses, coach and drivers with actors and animators. You… Continue reading

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Our Horses, Ourselves

“Horsepower” is a term kicked around on TV commercials for cars and trucks, conjuring the sound of big engines and the feeling of acceleration. Hearing the word, most folks would not think about stagecoaches, or the sight of young Pony… Continue reading

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