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Appreciating your Labor

It’s been a busy year. You work hard and you deserve a happy Labor Day. Take it!

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Wear sunscreen

“Wear sunscreen!” This common summertime refrain echoes from the throats of parental figures, lifeguards and dermatologists everywhere, especially now as we slide further into the dog days of the season.  The phrase is also widely remembered as the opening salvo from Mary Schmich’s imaginary commencement speech that … Continue reading

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Stuff happens when you’re away

It matters that you take regular vacations. You get away from the routine, see new things, rest, hang out with family and re-connect with yourself. But it seems as soon as you leave the office, something big happens and you’re needed … Continue reading

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Together again

Yesterday, Wells Fargo and American Express announced a new chapter of working together: Wells Fargo will issue new credit cards accepted on the American Express network in 2014, after a pilot in select markets during the third quarter of this year. This … Continue reading

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