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Thanksgiving is here

Well, the holidays are here at last. Thanksgiving will begin our long, long winter with a tremendous feast. (A very good idea!) This image is from a 1917 issue of the Wells Fargo Messenger. Guided by History will be back … Continue reading

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President Kennedy

Today is 50 years since President john F. Kennedy was assassinated. This occasion is marked by endless reports and analysis of his death. The events over that fateful weekend were certainly historic.  However, I hope that by featuring his inaugural … Continue reading

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Wells Fargo libraries

A century ago, Wells Fargo set up libraries for its employees, who could request books shipped free of charge on the company’s nationwide express network.  In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the New York depot, Wells Fargo … Continue reading

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Muybridge panorama

Researching and blogging about the history of California and the old West (as well as the history of the rest of the United States) has always been a major interest of mine. Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to peruse a … Continue reading

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Thank you for your service

Commander Alex Vraciu joined the US Navy just prior to the attack at Pearl Harbor. He ended the war as the Navy’s fourth-ranked combat pilot, with nineteen downed enemy aircraft and twenty-one destroyed on the ground. Vraciu retired from the … Continue reading


Concentric history

October 31st is usually associated with Halloween—kids, costumes and candy. Residents of Nevada also know it as Nevada Day, commemorating admission of the Silver State to the Union in 1864 (America’s 36th state).  This year, the State of Nevada begins … Continue reading

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