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Elizabeth Hatfield Wells Fargo History Museum

Elizabeth Hatfield (Wells Fargo History Museum)

Guided by History is happy to welcome Elizabeth Hatfield, an excited team member from the Wells Fargo team in Minneapolis. Elizabeth is happy to share her take on why our Plush Ponies are popular with visitors, and with her! (CR)

This is the time of year when we see the public getting excited by Wells Fargo’s Plush Pony. Even people who aren’t Wells Fargo costumers seem to get excited to come into a store and figure out a way to own one of these cute plush toys.  They will even come a month or two ahead just to check out the name of the new pony!

Once the new pony is out, children and (most commonly) adults scramble to get one.  At the museum, we see this craze for our stuffed ponies when we have our “life-sized” plush ponies on display.  People will come up to style the ponies’ manes, or take pictures.  Children want to pet them and give them special names just for themselves.  It’s amazing how these stuffed ponies always bring a smile to the face that beholds them.

The thing I hear most often from visitors is how they love the history behind these adorable ponies.  Each story is unique, not just by their color and names, but by the actual history that they convey. This year’s pony is Shamrock, a champion stallion that was the pride of Wells Fargo’s St. Louis teams in 1913.

(To get your own Shamrock, just visit a Wells Fargo banking store, to find out how.)

People come in and brag how they were able to get our first promotional pony, King, back in 2003.  Wells Fargo employees even say that they have collected one each year of the time they have been with the company. Everyone seems determined to have their own pony collection—even me!

It’s amazing to see how fired up people get, not just by the pony itself, but by the history surrounding them.  People get excited that they can take home a part of our history in these ponies.  They feel a sense of pride that their community bank has such a wonderful (and cute!) history.

Shamrock Wells Fargo Bank

Shamrock, 2014 plush pony (Wells Fargo Bank)

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