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Wells Fargo in Hong Kong & Shanghai

Recently I visited China for the first time.  As a Chinese-American, it was a unique opportunity for me to finally spend time with family I’ve never met before, and experience the country of my heritage.  While there, I also took … Continue reading


A matter of perspective

Part of the fun of researching stagecoach travel is that so much of what we know about these journeys comes from diaries and letters. It always seems to me that these personal writings allow us, the readers, to get to know … Continue reading

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History defined: Mother Lode

I get a lot of interesting questions from visitors to our San Francisco Wells Fargo History Museum. During a recent tour for a group of fourth graders, one parent asked me, “Where does the term ‘Mother Lode’ come from?” Although … Continue reading

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3-day weekend

It’s a three day-long holiday this weekend. Enjoy it!


Ocean to eOcean

Throughout its history, Wells Fargo has leveraged innovation, from the telegraph to split-second Internet banking. In 1888, Wells Fargo embraced advances in transportation, and was able to proclaim “Ocean to Ocean service”—over 2,000 Express offices connected by nearly 46,000 miles of … Continue reading

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Capital Idea

We often think of our capital cities as the center of government, but they are also centers of entrepreneurship and economic development.  One example from Sacramento, the state capital of California, is an institution and a man who served both. … Continue reading

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Alphonse Mucha

Alphonse Mucha was an artist at the turn-of-the-20th century. He was an originator of the decorative style that is considered one of the most influential forces in the development of Art Nouveau. Wells Fargo possesses a Mucha piece in our … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to—Alchemy?

Long ago, scientific thinkers believed alchemy (now-discredited) would find a way to turn lead into gold. Financially speaking, this converts a lower value item into a higher value item.  The year 2013 marked the centennial of a certain  financial alchemy, … Continue reading

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