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Honor labor

As we approach the long weekend, we pause to salute everyone who works. Thanks, everyone—your labor makes us all better. Have a great weekend!

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Wells Fargo Mobile Response Unit

On Tuesday, Wells Fargo unveiled a new Mobile Response Unit in Fort Mill, South Carolina. Mobile Response Unit is a multi-functional, 75-ft. heavy-duty commercial vehicle created to assist customers impacted by a disaster. Wells Fargo is a leading employer in … Continue reading


Explosive Summer Movies

Every summer it seems that Hollywood does its best to get audiences excited about the latest “Summer Blockbuster.”  I, like many of you, love a great summer action movie.  Car chases, catch phrases and over the top explosions are some of … Continue reading

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Those Madison Avenue Men and Women

The cable series Mad Men was nominated this year for eight Emmy awards in acting, art direction, costumes, make up, hair styling, and more. Like so many people, I have been an avid viewer and am sorry to see it … Continue reading

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At the Burroughs

After a busy Friday afternoon tallying accounts, the weekend probably couldn’t come soon enough for this bank employee standing at a Burroughs Adding Machine. This Team Member was photographed at a small-town Minnesota bank a century ago on August 21, … Continue reading

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Driving smart devices

Before mobile banking—banking via mobile device, that is—there was banking via automobile. In the 1960s, Wells Fargo customers could transact financial services from the convenience of their cars. After World War II, American society experienced dynamic changes. People were on … Continue reading

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Wildfires in Washington

This summer’s wildfires raging throughout the West remind us that such challenges are difficult to face. July’s Carlton Complex burned through central Washington and surpassed the 1902 Yacolt Burn as the state’s largest recorded wildfire. Named after the town of Yacolt, this … Continue reading

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Belt Buckle Giveaways

Nowadays the plush pony is the star of annual new account promotions, but in the 1970s Wells Fargo belt buckles were all the rage. Graphic artist Michael Dolas designed a rectangular buckle featuring a stagecoach in 1973, and a few … Continue reading

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Back to school? You never left!

Did you stop learning when you left school? I sure didn’t. I am a student every day of the world around me. We learn something new every day, about our past, present, and future. It could be something as simple … Continue reading

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Millions of Peaches

Summer is in full swing and this time of year is a fresh fruit and vegetable lover’s paradise.  Farmers markets are full of fresh, locally grown produce.  Being the mother of three young children I am always happy when I can provide … Continue reading

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