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More history, more golf & more ponies

Well, it is day four of the Wells Fargo Championship in Charlotte, N.C. What a busy four days it’s already been and the tournament has barely begun! I am happy to report that so far both the Championship and History… Continue reading

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History on the move … with golf!

After the successful Hello New York pilot event, our History on the Move mobile museum is rolling on to Charlotte, NC, to participate in the Wells Fargo Championship. We are very excited to be a part of this historic event… Continue reading

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Gwen Stetson, 1922-2010

The other day I read an article in the Washington Post about Women Air Force Service Pilots (W.A.S.P.) from World War II. After decades of being pushed to the back burner of WWII history, these brave women are finally getting… Continue reading

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Those Darn Belt Buckles! (or My “Antiques Roadshow” Moment)

As any fan of “Antiques Roadshow”  knows, there are two moments that we all relish. One, when someone brings an item that they purchased at a yard sale for $1.50 to find that it’s worth $10,500. The stunned looks, the… Continue reading

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End of the Line

This morning provided me one of those rare opportunities: to sleep in! It felt great! Today is shaping up to be a relatively easy day, with an event planned at the Wells Fargo Store in downtown San Jose. I was… Continue reading

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The Way to San Jose

After leaving Visalia, I headed north toward Fresno . Fresno is not on the actual route, but I had been invited to speak to a group of 4th and 5th graders at Riverview Elementary School. So, I took a small detour… Continue reading


A Taste of Visalia

About 85 miles from Los Angeles the stage route reaches the Tejon pass near Fort Tejon State Historic Park . My first of just two stops today, Ft. Tejon is a peaceful little spot surrounded by velvety smooth hills. When Ormsby… Continue reading


City of Angels (or How I Met An Ormsby)

My first stop of the day took me to the city of El Monte  , just outside Los Angeles. El Monte was called the “end of the line” of the Santa Fe Trail   by many settlers to this area… Continue reading


Retrieving Ormsby

I awoke this morning in beautiful Borrego Springs  to my normal routine of walking the boys, having breakfast, and preparing for the days videoing and site-seeing. First I consult my notebook to see which cities and sites are on the… Continue reading


The Mummy, the Tart, and the Mystery Station

Well, it was a long ride last night from Phoenix to Yuma, but I was happy to be back on the road. We reached Yuma late in the evening and after consulting the Woodall’s Campground Directory  found a place to… Continue reading

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