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The art of the Stagecoach

It was once referred to as a “Cradle on Wheels.” Some call it a “wagon” (incorrectly!) Either way, the “Concord Coach” is certainly a beautifully hand-crafted, 19th century, formative means of American transportation. In Wells Fargo’s San Francisco History Museum, … Continue reading

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Muybridge panorama

Researching and blogging about the history of California and the old West (as well as the history of the rest of the United States) has always been a major interest of mine. Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to peruse a … Continue reading

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John Rush art at Wells Fargo History Museum, San Francisco

When I was a child, my family took an annual trip to the “Land of Enchantment,” a place unlike anywhere I’d ever been. My father drove us all to LAX , and guided us through the terminal to board our flight to El Paso, … Continue reading

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The art of play

When I look back to when I was just a kid, I realize I was fortunate to have two loving parents who encouraged my creativity. I practiced my drawing and painting skills all the time, but my father sweetened the… Continue reading

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Summer school

School has already begun this fall. It started for some kids a couple weeks ago— still the summertime to many people. When I was their age that would have been like summer school to me! I think of going to… Continue reading

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Check it out! The Abbot-Downing Company originally manufactured this Wells Fargo Stagecoach—no. 433—in 1875. Today, this Stagecoach is on display at 55th & Madison Avenue in midtown Manhattan. Its brilliant décor of red and yellow paint shines in New York… Continue reading

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San Francisco Savings Union & Wells Fargo, pt. 2

In part one of my post, I told you about the beginnings of the magnificent San Francisco Savings Union building on Grant Avenue and O’Farrell Street. Its history changed one April morning in 1906, when the great earthquake and fire… Continue reading

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San Francisco Savings Union & Wells Fargo, pt. 1

Since beginning his career with Wells Fargo Bank in 2006, as part of the “Big and Mighty” Los Angeles Metropolitan Division, Cris Sanchez has had the pleasure of studying Fine Art, most recently with Santa Monica College. Today, Cris finds… Continue reading

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